Sale and Training of European Dogs in U.S.A. for All America
Sale and Training of European Dogs in U.S.A. for All America
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    •Obedience • Search • Apprehension•



    ExcelsiorK9 specializes in procuring both pointy and floppy ears – German Shepherds, Malinois (and mixes) and Labs.


    Why waste your precious time and money traveling abroad for dogs when you can come to Orlando and find great green dogs who have been screened overseas medically and for exceptional drives?


    •  Given that we carefully screen each and every dog for workability and medical issues prior to importation, we enjoy an extremely low return rate. Nonetheless, we offer you a 30-day workability guarantee as well as a 1-year health guarantee (limited to any undiscovered congenital issues). 

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    •  We will replace any dog ​​while under these guarantees with another that meets your satisfaction. However, if you sell one of our dogs to a third party (or test that dog with a third party such as Border Patrol or TSA), we will not accept the return of that dog unless the dog has been rejected for a medical problem. that we did not have detect.

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    • We have an unblemished reputation for supplying Top K9's to many agencies.
    • Co founders of AMK9.  
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    K9 Training & Sales• Obedience•Search•Apprehension

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