EXCELSIOR K9 is a Fully Licensed ATF Facility

Sale and Training of European Dogs in U.S.A. for All America
Sale and Training of European Dogs in U.S.A. for All America
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    Newton Villalona and Steve Valencia working dogs at Excelsior K9


    Shepherd K9 searching luggage in our detection training facility.

    QUALITY DOGS - Priority #1

    ExcelsiorK9 specializes in procuring both pointy and floppy ears – We import only the finest young German Shepherds, Malinois (and mixes) and Labs.  Why waste your precious time and money traveling abroad for dogs when you can come to Orlando and find the absolute best young working dogs? We personally travel overseas to view and evaluate many dogs on drive, workability and health.  The few that pass our stringent criteria travel back to the USA with us where they undergo additional screening and medical clearances. 

    Labrador retriever K9 in detection training


    Quality dogs will only realize their potential in the hands of the best trainers and handlers.  Our trainers have over 50 years of experience training K9s .  You will be satisfied with what you find at Excelsior K9 -- and we guarantee all our work.

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    Our 35-acre facility near Orlando, FL includes indoor and outdoor kennels,  a huge training building complete with many false rooms and multi-level search areas, dozens of fenced-in runs for tracking and search training, and much more.  We have space and training areas for everyone and every need.

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    We would love for you to visit our facility, meet our trainers and see our dogs.  

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