Head of Procurement & Sr. Trainer: STEVE VALENCIA

 Esteban “Steve” Valencia K9 trainer dog procurement

Esteban “Steve” Valencia (386) 473-0769

Steve's extraordinary K9 career dates to 1990.   In two years he rose to assistant trainer and started learning the finer points of decoying under the tutorship of many European decoys, particularly Mr. William Mass (very well known KMPV judge).  From 1995 until 2002 he served as a full trainer and decoy.  Steve then moved to AMK9™ where he became Lead Trainer for many years.  He  prepared some 600 government-certified dog teams for CENTCOM, GSA and BSF. Often called to work in the Middle East, he has also trained national police in Ecuador, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Puerto Rico and other countries.  In recent years Steve has devoted much of his time to procurement and is Excelsior K9's Head of Procurement.

A native of Mexico, Steve joined Excelsior in September 2017 to lead the company's procurement efforts and to be able to spend more time on his first love which is training.              



Sergio Valencia (305) 970-6566


Sergio is a 2nd generation dog trainer following in his father, Steve Valencia’s (pictured above) footsteps. He started with AMK9 in 2012 as a kennel technician and within a year became an assistant trainer with their Detection Program. Shortly thereafter, he became a Lead Trainer and was quickly promoted to the law enforcement division. Soon after, Sergio was promoted to training dogs to detect body-worn explosives. He became a certified handler of these dogs and worked at various high-end venues across the U.S. 

He also has over 7 years of experience training single and dual-purpose dogs on Explosive & Narcotic Detection. Sergio is a subject matter expert for training throughout all areas and locations of training to include Tracking, Patrol, Article Search, Vehicles, Building, Open Area, Warehouse, Luggage/ Parcel, Odor Imprintation, NORT, and NAPWDA. 

Sergio is also an expert on how to engage, identify, and resolve problematic training issues. He has trained over 30 dog teams (Handler and K9) to successfully complete their assigned Law Enforcement Course. He has trained over 300 dogs in detection, tracking, or patrol disciplines for further operational deployment.     

Trainer: Jhonel Arévalo


Jhonel Arévalo (386) 479-8279

 Jhonel began his career in security working for Wackenhut protecting the U.S. Embassy in Peru’s capital, Lima, and then continued his service to the U.S. as a security guard at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.  He commenced his K9 training while in Baghdad at the Baghdad Police College.  Beginning in 2008 he protected Royal Canadian Forces and later U.S. forces as a K9 handler, receiving numerous commendations and awards for valor.  For six months he served as a K9 trainer for the Ecuadoran Police and this has inspired Jhonel to progress from K9 handler to trainer. 

Assistant Trainer: Bryce Keene


Bryce Keene (910) 546-7449


Bryce was born and raised in Winter Park, FL. He served 21 years in the Marine Corps serving in Okinawa and Iraq. He was wounded twice in Iraq during his deployments before he retired as a Decorated E7 Marine Corps Veteran. Bryce grew up with a veterinarian father and thus from an early age learned about animal care. He has held many positions caring for and training K9s. Bryce also volunteers at the local Exotic Animal Rescue in Apopka.